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Cerberus Crypto

Official Cerberus Crypto Protocol Whitepaper

Cerberus Crypto protocol whitepaper

Cerberus Crypto is an alternative option for "High APY" staking. As it might be true percent of a yield/farm is relatively high, you can't say the same about the profit itself. All APYs are affected by Liquidity Provider fee, which is esentially reducing the profit given, which makes it less beneficial way.

"A common misconception with the heavy APY average is the subjectivity of the impermanent loss from staking an LP (liquidity provider) in a farming reward generator. With the explosion of DeFi we have seen too many new cryptocurrency prospectors get sucked into a high APY LP-farming trap, feeling hopeless as they are pushed out by earlier buyers with higher staking rewards. We’ve all been there, seeing those shiny 6 digit figures can be pretty damn tempting to jump in." - Safemoon.net


Chart below shows how our token is distributed. Note that it shows all tokens, even these excluded from circulation.

Automatic Reflection, LP Acquisiton and Burn

In simple words, "Reflection" can be described as giving the tokens back. Each transaction on $CRBRS network is subject to 14% fee. Out of which 7% is distributed back to all wallets currently holding CRBRS Tokens. That's what we call "reflection", it happens with all trades automatically.

Liquidity Pool Acquisiton on the other hand, is the other 7% of the tax. These Tokens are headed to Liquidity Pool with all transactions. Half of the tokens taxed stay as CRBRS, while the other half is added back to LP as BNB tokens. This way, liquidity is always increasing, which allows better market flow and provides more stable price.

Last but not least - burn. As it was mentioned before, 3,5% of each transaction is transfered to BNB, which means CRBRS tokens amount is slowly reducing. We call it a "natural deflation".

Manual Burn

Additionaly to automatic burn happening with each transaction, Cerberus Crypto has had burned 46% of it's Total Supply at launch. This reduces the amount of token in circulation. Cerberus Crypto aims to develop a strategy of continous manual burns that is beneficial for those engaged long term. Strategy began with a big step forward, and will be continued at certain stages of development.

Charity Work

Fighting Mental Ilnesses

As the project develops, Cerberus Crypto aims to make a use of the "4% dev wallet". All the additional tokens traded, and effectively reflected back to Dev Wallet, are going to be collected, and cashed out at certain price targets. Cashed out funds are intended to be a donation. Currently, We are looking to donate for mind.org.uk
Additionally, While working during projects phase 4, 80% of NFTs selling is going to be donated as well.

We all need that help, especially during the hard time COVID gave us.
Cerberus is giving its paw

Safety in 6 steps

Step by step infrastructure showcase to ensure safety

Doxxed Dev

Fully doxxed developer with a public wallet address.

Fair Launch

Fairly Launched on Pancake Swap.

Liquidity Locked

Liquidity Locked on team.finance for 2 years.

Contract Verified

Source Code is public and Contract is Verified on BSCscan.

LP Acquisition

Liquidity generated with every trade.

TechRate Check

TechRate Smart Contract Check Passed